In your mind, what image epitomizes “vacation”? Is it putting your (preferably bare) feet up after a long week at work? How about putting your feet up and enjoying a gorgeous view? For us Minnesotans, this scene generally includes water of some kind: lakeside or poolside during our glorious summers – or next to an ocean, during the months of December through April, with our feet touching warm sand. Because WINTER.

Ahhhh, don’t these photos ooze relaxation? Especially the ones without other people in the background. Something seems to be missing though, am I right?

When I have my feet up, I generally want to be doing something – like reading a book or listening to music or drinking a vacation coffee. And by vacation coffee, I mean a fruity cocktail, a frosty beer, or a glass of pinot. I’m not picky, but whatever I’m drinking should have alcohol in it. Because if that is the case, I’m definitely not working . . . or supervising children.

I am probably on vacation. Don’t these look tasty?

I’m not sure how this tradition started but I have a few friends who have named and perfected this type of vacation photo. We call it FOOT + WATER + BEVERAGE. And we’ve been doing this for years. Any photo of these 3 things in combination is share-worthy (generally just to ourselves).

Add them together and you get:

Disney Castaway Cay

Ahhhhh, vacation.

It has became a bit of a contest/inside joke. It’s best when you share one of these photos to the group when they are least expecting it. You’re not bragging about being on vacation; you’re just following the rules of the genre. Extra points for creativity.

For example:

These photos don’t include cocktails (we 40-somethings are responsible and hydrate accordingly), but they still adhere to the minimum qualifications. Points off for knees/no feet, IMO.

How about this one?

Folly Beach, SC

That’s a body of water and a foot, but nothing here looks relaxing. And where’s your drink? Boo.

What happens when you’re the only one in the group NOT on vacation? You’re at home, during winter, brushing 3 coats of red paint on your dining room walls. Are you drinking? Well, you should be.

Saint Paul, MN

You can still join the fun, minus the body of water. Cheers to your positive attitude!

These were sent on two different winter vacations. We Minnesotans embrace winter and snow, we really do.

Points for cleverness here; all photo elements are included (that’s Lake Superior waaaaaaay in the background).

Consider this picture:

Big Carnelian Lake, MN

She’s not on vacation or drinking a cocktail in this one – she’s working! – but fine. FOOT + WATER + BEVERAGE. I wish I had a cool “work-from-anywhere-I-want” kind of job too.

Back to vacation in warm places . . .

Nice composition and accessories in these. Great beverage and body of water variety.

But the very best FOOT + WATER + BEVERAGE photos are those that include TWO of your hilarious friends in the same place at the same time. That’s 4 feet + 1 ocean + 2 cocktails.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Looks lovely ladies! Well done.

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      1. The whole foot selfie thing is so true though. Sometimes I catch myself, and its great to poke a little but of fun at the things we do to get a perfect pic (which is totally worth it don’t get me wrong) Ha, but the other day I was staring at my instagram and looked over at the huge bag of chips and crumbs and thought, ah well, that’s true life.

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